Links for Monday, February 5, 2007

1 minute read

  • Steve Rubel: Web 2.0 Indicators: Tracking Buzz, News and Jobs – “OK, so clearly we see there’s a lot of interest in Second Life and it’s coming close to matching the buzz around blogs. So is all this interest in Second Life generating new jobs? Well, no – not yet. The most popular job category by far when you compare these terms on is blogs, followed by podcasts. Second Life hardly even registers.
  • CryoPID: A Process Freezer for Linux – “CryoPID allows you to capture the state of a running process in Linux and save it to a file. This file can then be used to resume the process later on, either after a reboot or even on another machine.
  • King County Virtual Map Counter – “The Virtual Map Counter is the place to view, download, and print digital versions of published King County maps.
  • Tom’s Hardware: Color Laser Printers: Fast and Affordable! HP 2600 – “Since the combined cost of the four cartridges is actually higher than that of the printer itself, it’s actually better to replace the whole printer when the cartridges are empty. This also gives you the benefit of a fresh warranty.
  • Sampa: Vice President of Marketing – “Do you want to be the creative force behind an up and coming Seattle-based Web 2.0 startup that has a unique angle on the latest Internet fire hose of user generated content?
  • Second Life Insider: Practical Marketing – Physical Business in Nonphysical Worlds – “Face it, you can’t really practically market a physical world product or physical world service in Second Life. Attempts to do so haven’t really worked out all that well and end up damaging the image of the marketer or the brand. What you can do is perform image-enhancement for your container brands, and general public relations — and that can work very well.