Adobe Engage – Chafic Kazoun – Atellis

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Working with medical information, training, and medical simulators ($250K dummies).

Their software centrally manages a complete medical training facility, capturing data and multiple video angles, all tagged and annotated. Their new product is Simcube, a scaled-down appliance-style, toaster-sized version of their original product. UI is very straightforward — select scenario with parameters and start a session. Once the session is started, it records parameters (vital signs like pulse) and multiple video streams all in real time. After the session there’s a debrief mode to watch and review what happened. In this mode the vital signs are visible on a graph and can be coordinated with the video and with a simulator log to observe cause and effect.

The Simcube appliance includes a web server so that doctors can log in remotely to observe and to provide feedback.