Links for Friday, March 16, 2007

1 minute read

  • Second Life Project – “The tools You need to shape Your Dreams into virtual reality! With our collection of software, and connection to leading programmers your idea will be built and shared with everyone visiting Second Life.
  • For Sale: Lego 8865 Test Car – “*You are bidding on a Lego Technic 8865 Test Car, produced around 1988 and now quite hard to find. 892 pieces in all. *“
  • For Sale: Lego 8880 Super Car – “*You are bidding on a Lego Technic 8880 Super Car, produced around 1994 and now quite hard to find. 1343 pieces in all. *“
  • Dan Reed: Computing The Future: The 3-D Net – “Two female students came in behind me. The one says to the other, ‘And in this room, the library keeps printed out web pages.’
  • Dr. Dobbs: Dr. Dobb’s Life 2.0 Unveiled – “The premier event for Dr. Dobb’s Life 2.0 will the Life 2.0 Summit, held in-world on Dr. Dobb’s Island, April 28-May 4, 2007. The event will feature a two-day LSL/Building Bootcamp for advanced developers; four days of expert panels covering the Second Life platform, economy, and security issues SL/Web interoperability, UI design, and more.
  • Dr. Dobbs Life 2.0 Summit – “Coming to Second Life, April 28.