Links for Wednesday, March 21, 2007

less than 1 minute read

  • Phil Burns: Announcing the Next Utah Bloggers Conference – “Please help spread the word via blogging, emailing, twittering, yelling out your window and putting signs on your cars, thanks!” Ok, you got it!
  • Transport for London – “Free mobile alerts, interactive Journey Planner, maps, timetables, up to the minute travel news… everything you need to get around the Capital – your way!” – Via Suw.
  • Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories: Nixie Tube Take-Apart – “*Warning: This article contains graphic images of the dissection of vintage electronics which may be disturbing to some viewers. *“
  • Jeffrey McManus: How to Coexist With Google: Answer Your Email – “I’m religious about looking at all thefeedback emailand support requests for myself. I’m going to keep doing it until they come and haul me away. I’ve gotten a few startled emails from users who couldn’t believe that I give out my personal email to everybody who registers for the site. I figure, if I require you to give me your email address to sign up for my site, it’s only fair that you should have mine, too. Is that totally insane of me? I suppose time will tell.