Links for Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1 minute read

  • ComputerWorld: Web Anonymity Can Sink Your Job Search – “If someone came looking for a senior-level job and had left no mark on the Internet, I’d see that as a big negative…
  • Center for Citizen Media: Principles of Citizen Journalism – “We’re not saying that bloggers must follow these guidelines. We are saying that if you’re committed to practicing journalism online, these principles deserve your attention.” – Via Doc.
  • Mike Demers: Tweetbar – “Tweetbar is a wicked cool Twitter sidebar for Firefox and Flock.
  • Croquet Consortium: Croquet SDK 1.0 Released – “The kit provides developers with a flexible tool to create virtual spaces with built-in networked telephony and a “late-binding object-oriented” programming language that allows multiple users to jointly create, animate or modify 3-D objects and dynamic simulations.
  • Tara Hunt: The Unsinkable Kathy Sierra – “When we see personal attacks, we need to speak out. We need to tell the commentors and the people in the chat rooms that these statements are NOT okay. We can disagree with ideas, but attacking people personally is NOT okay. If you have a ‘friend’ who is engaging in this type of activity, you have to tell that person it is NOT okay. What is not okay in ‘real life’ is not okay in virtual life.