Links for Friday, March 30, 2007

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  • Jan Kneschke: MySQL Proxy – “Over the last weeks I wrote a mysql-proxy which can operate in several modes.
  • Chris DiBona: In Which I Speak Out of School, and Likely Sound Quite Smug Doing So – “I’m picturing the meetings. The posturing. The bandwidth provisioning. The advertising meetings. The legal reviews. The pr reviews. The plans. The emails. The cross-functional , inter corporate steering committees. Who pays for what with what? Who is in charge? Who picks the content? Does anyone pick the content? Who can upload? What can they upload? When can they upload? How long will it take to transcode? Can a video be downloaded to iPod? Archos? Zune? Who will monitor the uploads?” – via Jeremy.
  • VisiBone MySQL Cheat Sheet – “MySQL cheatsheets — work like you know it all.