Links for Saturday, April 7, 2007

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  • Don MacAskill: How to Wreck Your Brand – “I pray I never lose sight of what our customers want. Thank goodness our customers are very patient with us and keep reminding us of all of our flaws. I promise – we’re listening and working on them.
  • Guy Kawasaki: Hot to Get The Attention of a Venture Capitalist – “Here’s a power tip regarding getting to venture capitalists using LinkedIn. Maybe it’s only me, but I hate when a connection of a connection of a connection wants me to take a look at deal. LinkedIn enables you to just go direct, and that’s my advice if you can show success.
  • Pledgie – “Pledgie helps you raise money for causes you care about.
  • Web Worker Daily: Five Steps to Get Yourself in a Mood to Work – “Here’s a five step process for putting yourself in a productive mood. Modify it to suit your needs and temperament.