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Links for Wednesday, April 18, 2007

  • 3PointD: Design a Virtual Vending Machine for Coca-Cola – “Coca-Cola is taking its first steps in the virtual world of Second Life with a contest in which SL members will be invited to “imagine a virtual vending machine with limitless possibilities.”” More from CC Chapman, and in the press release.
  • Suw Charman: Multitasking is as bad as Procrastination – “Who, deep down, hasn’t pretty much known that multi-tasking is a con? We’ve known for years about the state of flow, where you are so entranced by what you are doing that each next action comes almost effortlessly, and it seems pretty obvious that if you are constantly interrupting yourself you cannot enter a state of flow.” Alt-Tab has destroyed my ability to concentrate.
  • Joyce Park: Things That Made Me Smile – “I admire the crap out of Jeff for being able to process new stuff with both good judgment and lack of crotchety grandpa-ness.” Grandpa-ness? I’m not that old!