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Links for Monday, April 23, 2007

  • Peer Wisdom: Will You Be There? – “The Internet is awash with medical data. What we lack is credible, real experience from people like us. We want to move beyond generic online health information and connect with people who have already been through a similar health experience.
  • Lots of good stuff that I found via Web Worker Daily:
    • Brian Oberkirch: Trimming the Attention Sails – “Make ‘no’ the default answer for new project/app review/etc. requests. New things should earn their way into the attention field.
    • Adam Darowski: The Blog is the New Resume – “It seems a lot of tech folks just don’t care enough to blog. What is going to happen soon is that those people will not be able to land the really sweet gigs. Companies will be impressed by blogging candidates, knowing that they take their work seriously enough to document it and share it. Those who don’t blog will have to settle for the lackluster jobs.
    • Rusty Weston: Finding Real Work in an Artificial World – “Bain & Co., a global consultancy, said Wednesday that it intends to start recruiting for summer interns in Second Life, a virtual world with nearly five million residents.
  • Seattle PI: Marymoor Music Lineup Announced – “The Fray, The Tragically Hip, Alison Krauss & Union Station, O.A.R., UB40 and Carbon Leaf are among the bands that will perform this summer at Marymoor Park in Redmond.