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Links for Tuesday, April 24, 2007

  • Craig’s Rantings:SAP in in SL – “We’ll soon be playing movies from the community, products and information. There is a meeting space, lounge area and of course for the not so faint at heart – Sky Diving on the roof.
  • Bad Astronomy Blog: Hubble’s 17th: Chaos, Birth, and Near-Death – “What a place, the Carina nebula! Hundreds of light years across; hundreds of thousands of solar masses of material; stars of all sizes, masses, temperatures, and brightnesses forming; gas and dust blown into all manners of shapes; stars dying, caught in the act. It’s construction and deconstruction on a mind-numbing scale, and it’s all laid out for us to see, thanks to telescopes like Hubble and others on the ground and in space.” This post has some spectacular images. Don’t miss them!
  • Coding Horror: Where Are All The Open Source Billionaires? – “The lack of open source software billionaires is by design. It’s part of the intent of open source software — to balance the scales by devaluing the obscene profit margins that exist in the commercial software business. Duplicating software is about as close to legally printing money as a company can get; profit margins regularly exceed 80 percent.
  • New York Times: You Are What You Grow – “The farm bill essentially treats our children as a human Disposall for all the unhealthful calories that the farm bill has encouraged American farmers to overproduce.