Links for Thursday, May 2, 2007

1 minute read

  • James Governor: If Markets Are Conversations Then Twitter Is Money – “I don’t want to put a dollar figure on Twitter, based on users or something. That is not my point about the value of the service. Rather I just want to emphasize that Twitter is where the action is. There is so much desire, connection, recommendation, pushback, and analysis there.
  • MSNBC: Twitter Nation: Nobody Cares What You’re Doing – “Why do we think we’re so important that we believe other people want to know about what we’re having for lunch, how bored we are at work or the state of inebriation we happen to be at this very moment in time? How did society get to the point that we are constantly improving technology so that this non-news can reach others even faster than a cell phone, a text message, a blog, our Facebook profiles?
  • Clearwire: FCC Approves First WIMAX-CLASS Laptop Card to be Offered by Clearwire – “We expect the new laptop card to broaden our potential customer base with more opportunities for customers to access and experience our fast, simple, portable, reliable and affordable wireless broadband services.
  • Robert Steele: Paradigms of Failure: Why We Need Transpartisan Collective Intelligence NOW – “Not only must this monopoly over the debates end and be placed online, but we must end the foolishness of electing one person who then picks his or her cronies. From today onwards, presidents must select and announce their Cabinets before-hand, and those individuals must be elected individually at the same time.