Links for Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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  • 57 Miles: 5 Second Life Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way – “Like many men, and most geeks, i have a short attention span, and low patience for shopping. I’m fast learning however that it pays to shop around in Second Life.
  • The Metaversed Podcast – “A daily look at business in Second Life and other virtual worlds. Listen to 57 Miles comment on breaking news, venture opinion and analysis of business trends in virtual spaces and roundup the days current business events.
  • Ian Hughes: The IBM Innovate Quick Internal Metaverse Project – “Part of the investigation is to treat this as another client for web based services. So the services we build can then be consumed by any metaverse. In order to prove this you of course need more than one type of metaverse to ensure you do not code to a specific platform and keep the design generic.