Links for Sunday, June 10, 2007

1 minute read

  • Dilbert – “Does your plan leverage our platforms?
  • Joel Dehlin: The Myth of Youth – “You’re coming home from work, putting the kids to bed and plugging in. It’s interesting because many of you probably think about stuff like blogs as something you do, but that isn’t that common. Fact is that it’s way more common than people think.
  • JohnnyRS: Second Life Pizza Gets Some Real Life Delivery – “If I’m playing a game or building something in Second Life then it might be easier to rez a gadget and order a pizza.
  • Press Release: Pizza enters the Virtual World of Second Life – “Citizens within the virtual world of Second Life will be able to teleport to an in-world pizza restaurant and order their favorite pizza from their favorite national or local pizza chain. But the magic doesn’t stop there with the use of Dynamedia is releasing VirtuReal a revolutionary way for Second Life Citizens to use their Linden Dollars to purchase real world goods.
  • Tim Converse: Working at Powerset – “If all this sounds computationally expensive to try to apply to the entire web, well … it is. There’s a big double bet here, on a couple of decades-long trends: that NLP technology keeps getting ever faster and more mature, and that Moore’s Law continues making computation ever cheaper, and that the historic moment when NLP meets Moore’s Law in the middle at web-scale search is …. 2007. Or maybe 2008.” – Via TroutGirl.