Links for Saturday, June 16, 2007

1 minute read

  • Bad Astronomy Blog: Double Dipped Supernova – “So gaze upon that picture above, at that that little unassuming dot, and know that you are witnessing the passing of something rare and amazing, and violent and monstrous.
  • Phil Windley: The Contrarian Solution for Iran – “The real answer in Iran isn’t to isolate them, but smother them with love–or at least positive attention.
  • MSNBC: Space Station Computers Back Up And Running – “Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Kotov were able to get four of six processors on two computers working again by using a cable to bypass a circuit board.
  • Mark Wallace: Exploring the Future Virtual Cosmos With IBM – “The tough problem that needs to be solved in order to get here, in order to create a Web of 3D environments in which I have the ability to represent the same presence in different spaces, is the portability of identity, as well as the management of assets in certain situations. Ideally, identity will be centrally managed in such a virtual universe, if only so that I don’t have to log into each and every 3D space I want to visit.
  • Ian Hughes: 57 Miles Friday Night Geek Meet – “There is a fine line between work and social, and in this case I considered it both. I met with both some friends, some new contacts and even what you might call competitors. We are all sat together, in our various timezones sharing some ideas live. Now imagine trying to even consider that over a telecon, or organizing a meet like that in real life. It just would not happen. I was able to pop on the computer and engage with people.
  • Metaversed: Visualizing Presence in 3D Using Twitter and Second Life – “Though in it’s earliest stages of development, a new app from Ordinal Malaprop, one of Second Life’s more interesting dvelopers, promises to help Twitter users visualize their friends timelines, and incoming presence indicators known as “tweets” in 3D.