Links for Friday, June 22, 2007

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  • Journey of Mankind: The Peopling of the World – “The Bradshaw Foundation, in association with Stephen Oppenheimer, presents a virtual global journey of modern man over the last 160,000 years. The map will show for the first time the interaction of migration and climate over this period.
  • Wall Street Journal: – “Recruitment managers see an upside to conducting interviews through instant-messaging in Second Life: Job seekers tend to be more relaxed and open, since they are interacting with interviewers in the same way that they would chat with friends online.” – Via Alek.
  • Susan Wu: Virtual Goods: The Next Big Business Model – “People spend over $1.5 billion on virtual items every year. Pets, coins, avatars, and bling: these virtual objects are nothing more than a series of digital 1s and 0s stored on a remote database somewhere in the ether.
  • Steven Livingstone-Pérez: First SL Event – “It was actually very, very cool. It has its rough edges but it was something i’m really glad it tried now and was also infromative. I even picked up something that was very worthwhile indeed around AWS.