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Links for Saturday, June 30, 2007

  • Bad Astronomy Blog: Big Moon Tonight? – “You only get the illusion when the Moon is near the horizon; when it’s overhead the illusion vanished. Because this month is the summer solstice, tonight the Moon stays close to the horizon for northern hemisphere observers. When the Moon is full, it’s opposite the Sun in the sky.
  • YouTube: Sailplane Emergency Landing – “Charlie, this is Bob. I’m in the model airplane field.” – Via Jeremy.
  • NewpaperGirl: Blog Tip: Saying Thanks – “Tip: Take a moment and write a short email thanking bloggers who link to you. Do the same for people who make comments on your blog that you appreciate. It’s easy and simple to do and you’ll make people feel good and remember you.
  • IT Conversations: Sara Ulius-Sabel – “She describes design metrics as one of the tools that Whirlpool uses to bring objectivity to the trade-offs between Useful, Usable and Desirable, ultimately helping to drive both coherence and differentiation in a multi-brand portfolio.” – Very interesting podcast.
  • The Simple Dollar: Seven Ways To Overcome Social Awkwardness That You Can Practice Anytime – “Most of these require significant practice, but the truth is that you can practice almost all of these any time that you want. If you’re socially awkward at all – and you probably know it if you are – just give some of these exercises a try.