Links for Friday, July 13, 2007

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  • FlightAware: Live Flight Tracker – “FlightAware is a free flight tracker that will change what you think about live flight tracking and aviation data.” – Via Artur.
  • People With Ideas: Cruxy Presents Suzanne Vega (Virtually) – “This Friday, we will be hosting a special event inside of the virtual world of Second Life at our New York-themed “Ludlow Street” virtual location.
  • Phil801: How the Blogosphere Actually Works – “Whenever someone publishes a blog post, it sends out a notification called a Ping to a server on the internet called a Ping Server. A Ping is simply a notification to a ping server that tells it that a new blog post was published on a blog. The Ping Server is a computer on the internet that is configured to just sit and wait for a Ping to come in.
  • Science Presentations – “Print a full-color, glossy, Scientific poster for only $99.95