Links for Thursday, July 19, 2007

1 minute read

  • Anne Zelenka: Three Trends Supporting Productive Multitasking – “In connected mode, you stay in near-constant touch with colleagues and maintain a broad awareness of what’s available online. You accept multitasking as a fact of at least part of your work life. It’s not necessarily a substitute for single-tasking and dedicated focus, but can be a good complement if you know when and how to use it.
  • Seed: A Cyclic Universe? – “Another far more elaborate picture is the cyclic model, which proposes that the big bang repeats every trillion years or so leading to the formation of new galaxies, stars, and planets each time. Instead of relying on inflation to smooth out the original random fluctuations, the model has an ultra-slow phase of contraction leading up to each bang that smoothes and flattens the universe naturally
  • Facebook Group: CTOs Using Amazon Web Services – “Whatever, for those of doing cool stuff with AWS.
  • Bob Rose: MapTrot Needs New Home – “We’re looking for a buyer or partner to take over the site and/or the code base. There’s a lot of useful code underneath, and tremendous potential to make the site itself much more than it is.
  • New York Times: As Dollar Crumples, Tourists Overseas Reel – “For Americans visiting Europe this summer, the steep decline of the dollar against the euro and the British pound has made eye-popping prices a lamentable part of the traveler’s tale.” – Not just tourists; us business travelers are reeling too.