Links for Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1 minute read

  • Dick Costolo: Series A Financing: How Much to Raise? – “You will spend what you raise. If you raise $10 million, you will quickly ramp up to a burn rate of $800k a month, because the investors don’t want their money to sit in a bank account earning interest with 36 months of runway while you hire employees 2 and 3. The amount of money you raise sets you off on a course at a specific pace. Your board will want to know why you aren’t deploying capital. You will hire a marketing team because you can afford to hire a marketing team. You will hire a vp of sales before the product is ready because you can afford to hire a VP of sales.
  • More Gnomedex Passes Available – “Since the main auditorium for Gnomedex 7.0 is now at capacity, community members have requested that we open the external Sound and Cove chambers for an in-house video feed – which we are now officially doing with this new Overflow pass.
  • Dr. Dobbs: VMware Releases Virtualization Benchmark – “Mmark is the first benchmarking system that measures the scalability of heterogeneous virtualized workloads and provides a consistent methodology so benchmark results can be compared across different virtualization platforms. As a result, organizations can compare the performance and scalability of different virtualization platforms.