Links for Saturday, August 11, 2007

1 minute read

  • Noonhat – “Lunch with people you’d never meet otherwise.” – This is going to grow into another great tool to help me make my AWS evangelism trips even more action-packed.
  • Dale’s SL Viewer – “This is a version of the SL Viewer modified by me. It adds a few features that aren’t present in the standard viewer.
  • [Nicholas Beresford: Viewer Startup Options](Viewer Startup Options) – “There is a couple of startup options which seem to unknown to most (I accidentally discovered them when working with the source code), but which may be helpful nonetheless.” – Some good options for starting the Second Life viewer, including specification of user name and password (great if you have multiple avatars – create desktop shortcuts for each one).
  • New Scientist: Top 10: Life’s Greatest Inventions – “The first eyes appeared about 543 million years ago – the very beginning of the Cambrian period – in a group of trilobites called the Redlichia. Their eyes were compound, similar to those of modern insects, and probably evolved from light-sensitive pits.
  • Meet at the Pig – “a Seattle events blog for geeks, techies, hackers and makers.” – Via Stuart Maxwell on Twitter.
  • New York Times: Fly Me to the Moon: Space Hotel Sees 2012 Opening – “Galactic Suite began as a hobby for former aerospace engineer Claramunt, until a space enthusiast decided to make the science fiction fantasy a reality by fronting most of the $3 billion needed to build the hotel.” – Hmm, another Paul Allen debacle investment, perhaps?