Links for Thursday, August 23, 2007

1 minute read

  • The Chip History Center – “The Chip History Center is the world’s first virtual museum focused on the history of the semiconductor industry, semiconductors, how computer chips are made, and the tools used to make them. Exhibits focus on landmark designs and manufacturing equipment as well as the legendary visionaries and companies that made it all possible.
  • Dan Bricklin: Tour of Eclipse Aviation with Vern Raburn – “I was pretty blown away seeing their actual production facilities in operation. Dozens of planes were moving through a production line and I saw some literally about to go out the door. The company is entering the phase of moving from creating the design to optimizing the ongoing production. You can see how the original design should facilitate that optimization.
  • Seattle Bubble: Somewhere Between Anxiety and Denial – “Although Market Emotion Cycle it takes an ounce of actual critical thinking to see the cracks in Seattle’s housing market as of now, I believe that those most involved in the market can feel it in their bones. Whether they are consciously aware of it or not, the fear of what’s about to happen is starting to come through in what they write. Based on what I’m reading out there, I would place the general market sentiment in Seattle right now at somewhere between “Anxiety” and “Denial.”
  • Wall Street Journal: Credit Crunch Moves Beyond Mortgages – “It’s not just mortgages. As it gets tougher to land a home loan, some people are also finding it harder and more expensive to get other types of consumer credit.
  • Jeremiah Owyang: Tips to save time from the Web Strategist – “Every morning before the world wakes up, I get up and read, check feeds, techmeme, digg, and key blogs. I then blog, this process takes about 2 hours, usually before 6 or 7 am. I leap out of bed every morning in anticipation for this, no joke.
  • Teacher Tube: Creating Life-Like Clothing in Second Life – “This video will teach you how to create life-like clothing in the 3D virtual world Second Life.
  • Metaversed: Killing Old Media in Second Life – “So in summary, we want to host massive events, using 3D syndication, which would be a mixture of server tech, and object distribution whilst teaching anyone that doesn’t already have a grip on this stuff how to do it themselves.