Links for Saturday, September 1, 2007

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  • Business Week: Q&A with Microsoft’s Lisa Brummel – “*It all starts in the Workplace Lab, a kind of parade of homes for offices where “Microserfs” can pick and choose their new digs. The lab also functions as a kind of workplace Freud; employees are divided into four worker types: providers (the godfathers of work groups), travelers (the types who work anywhere but work), concentrators (head-down, always-at-work types), and orchestrators (the company’s natural diplomats). *“
  • Steve Barr: Announcing – “Today is the launch of, my site for economics and mathematics. It will feature daily updates according to the following schedule.
  • Science Blogs: True Lab Stories: Fun With Materials Science – “The “black body” radiation was blinding, I couldn’t see anything but white hot light. The asbestos gloves I was wearing caught on fire.