Links for Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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  • Second Life Education Workshop 2007 – “Welcome the proceedings of the 2007 Second Life Education Workshop. If by any chance you’ve seen last year’s proceedings, then the first thing you’ll notice about this volume is the size – almost three times the size of last year’s. This mirrors the staggering growth in the educational use of Second Life that has occurred in the last 12 months, as noted by Claudia and Pathfinder in the preface.
  • Global Kids, Inc: Best Practices in Using Virtual Worlds For Education – “Create as many opportunities as possible for teens to express themselves through building. SL is all about building so it is almost hard NOT to do this. Encourage them to build the facilities and material required for the program.
  • Jason Calacanis: Diet Tips For Business Travelers… – “Perhaps the biggest challenge for business folks trying to lose weight is traveling. When you’re on the road it’s hard to workout and even harder to find health food options. Plus, when you get to your destination–be it a conference or business meetings–you’re faced with huge amounts of *unhealthy food.*“
  • Texify – “Meaning: to convert a regular text document to LaTeX format.
  • Monitor Network Traffic With Ntop – “Like the command-line tool with a similar name, ntop is a monitoring agent. Instead of monitoring system resource usage like top, ntop monitors network usage and provides some very sophisticated and informative data.
  • Mtch Wagner: Five Rules For Bringing Your Real-Life Business Into Second Life – “**“