Links for Friday, September 7, 2007

1 minute read

  • Magrathean Technologies: OpenSim named D-GiG – “D-GiG stands for Distributed Global Information Grid and that is because mostly I don’t like hippos and secondly it’s a fork of the OpenSIM project that is hosted by the Electric Sheep company that runs off a CD that will automatically detect your hardware, display a interesting logo, and then prompt you to login into your freshly booted 1 simulator.
  • Jeff Heaton: Writing Commerce Scripts in Second Life – “Millions of dollars change hands in Second Life. Find out how to create scripts to sell items in your own Second Life store.
  • Cruxy Music Map for Second Life – “*This is a dynamic rendering of where music from artists on is being enjoyed and shared in the virtual world of Second Life. The music is played and distributed using the Cruxy Player for Second Life. *“
  • CC Chapman: I’m Done Coloring – “If you or your company are looking for someone to come in and help out let me know. Need a new media strategy developed for you? Need a facilitated brainstorm full of creative ideas? Just want someone to advise on how to engage the social media community? All of those and more I can handle.