Links for Saturday, September 22, 2007

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  • Bob’s Quick Guide to Its and It’s – “This one’s stupidly simple, people!!!
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day: A Dark Sky Over Death Valley – “The above 360-degree full-sky panorama is a composite of 30 images taken two years ago in Racetrack Playa. The image has been digitally processed and increasingly stretched at high altitudes to make it rectangular” – Be sure to click on the image to see it at high resolution.
  • Reuters: House Prices to Drop Much Lower: Greenspan – “Greenspan said deregulation and the introduction of market economies in the former Communist bloc after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 had caused a global boom and a worldwide reduction of interest rates, which both helped fuel the property bubble.
  • She’s Geeky: A Woman’s Tech (Un)Conference – “The She’s Geeky (un)conference will provide an agenda-free and friendly environment for women who not only care about building technology that is useful for people, but who also want to encourage more women to get involved.
  • Eightbar: Multiple Worlds Collide With IBM Presentation – “There were some great questions from the SL end. One about were employees of IBM being productive in virtual worlds. My back channel comment was that I was sitting at home at work at 9pm still representing IBM, but think slicing with some other things like twitter. Sandy answered very much the same about trust and passion for virtual worlds and metaverses being such a big driver. Organizations have to allow people to want to do good things for them.
  • The CandyFab Project: CandyFab Presentation PDF – “*I gave a little talk to a group at Stanford last month, and I’ve finally gotten around to prepping the slides for release. So, here they are, in a 3 MB PDF. *” – Awesome pictures. I want one of these.