Links for Saturday, September 29, 2007

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  • Don Lancaster: September 8, 2007 – “I can’t believe the number of people who are enthuasiastically getting sucked into the recent “burn saltwater” utter fiasco. There are enough alarm bells going off here for a Pink Floyd Time intro.
  • MeetingsNet: MeCo Hosts First Chat Lesson in Second Life – “Approximately 20 avatars gathered in Second Life on September 20, on the lawn of the MeCo Mansion for the Meetings Community listserv’s first Chat Lesson in the virtual online world. Participants sat in bleachers facing a large stage, complete with podium and projection screen, where technology expert Corbin Ball, in avatar form, presented on such topics as Web 2.0, wireless and mobile technologies, and the impact of the Web on meeting planning.” – – Via Mal Burns.
  • Tara Hunt: Geek Marketing – “It’s simple and explanatory of how a new ethic is emerging in marketing. This format is more realistic and relationship driven. Realistic because it doesn’t try to fool itself into thinking that any measurement formerly known as ROI means anything. Click-throughs and traffic and numbers of hits don’t really do it, although if sales are involved, sales still say something. But not everything.