Links for Sunday, September 30, 2007

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  • Hack’s Haven: An Era Passes at NOAA – “After over thirteen years in my current division, next Monday I’m being kicked out of the proverbial nest. Assuming I don’t hit the ground and splat, I’ve been tasked with creating a “virtual worlds” project for NOAA’s “Technology Outreach Branch.”
  • New York Times: Extinction Is at Hand for Paper Airline Tickets – “Eliminating paper will not make life easier for all carriers. The airstrip serving Lamu Island, Kenya, for example, lacks electricity and, as a result, computers. Kenya Airways must print out passenger lists on the mainland and send them by boat to the airfield.
  • User:Zero Linden/Office Hours/2007 Sep 25 – “Zero Linden: Internally, inside Linden Lab, I’ve taken responsibility for “Develop The Platform”
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer: Colonial Philadelphia Reborn – “Drexel’s project is part Second Life virtual world, part social and economic history, part video game, part computer science, part teaching tool.