Links for Thursday, October 4, 2007

1 minute read

  • PrimDocker – “Prim.Docker is a Second Life builders tool that allows you to easily align, join, center, fill gaps, resize, rotate, copy and align textures and mirror prims all without typing in numbers!
  • CNN: Double-digit Home Price Drops Coming – “Over the next few years, more than three-quarters of the nation’s housing markets will suffer some decline in home prices. Many will experience double-digit hits in a forecast that has worsened considerably in recent months.
  • MovableLife – “MovableLife allows Second Life users to log in to Second Life using only a web browser. MovableLife allows you to chat, IM, search, teleport, manage friends, groups, and much more. If you just want a quick and easy SecondLife experience without all the 3D graphics, then MovableLife is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Transumanar: Google Earth and Second Life – “*Taking advantage of the very accurate scale and proportions of Assisi in Second Life, I have made this video composition that simulates a user flying in Google Earth and entering the virtual Assisi in Second Life. *“
  • Media Sauce: Roi For Using Second Life in Business – “How do you calculate the return on investment when you create a presence in Second Life? Here’s a breakdown of the big reasons to get into Second Life and some tips on figuring out the ROI for each.
  • Second Life Wiki: Media on a Parcel – “The Project will deploy in several milestones. The first of these will deliver the underlying re-architecture of the Media Library and support for HTML on a parcel. Subsequent milestones will provide for Media in the HUD, multiple URLs per parcel, and implement new Media Type support.
  • Reality Prime: How Google Earth Really Works – “I’m going to stick closely to what’s been disclosed or is otherwise common technical knowledge. But I will hopefully explain it in a way that most humans can understand and maybe even appreciate. At least that’s my goal. You can let me know.