Links for Sunday, October 14, 2007

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  • Astronomy Picture of the Day: Two Million Galaxies – “Over 2 million galaxies are depicted above in a region 100 degrees across centered toward our Milky Way Galaxy’s south pole. Bright regions indicate more galaxies, while bluer colors denote larger average galaxies.
  • Metaversed: Virtual Business Spotlight: How RDV Animations Moved 2000 Units in just 3 Months – “RDV Animations is a native Second Life business with one of the hottest products in the virtual world. They’ve sold 2000 units in the last 3 months at L$3000 per unit, all through basic Classified advertising and word of mouth.
  • Synthetik: Subscribe-o-matic – “It lets you send messages and items to a large group of people, just like group notices do, but without actually requiring those people to join a Second Life group. So if you are a clothing designer for example, you can use it to notify your customers that have subscribed to your list, about that new dress you just put out for sale, and send them a picture of it, and a SLurl along with the message.