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Links for Tuesday, October 30, 2007

  • Media Week: CNN To Launch Bureau in Second Life Virtual World – “In the space, the network will create a variation of its i-Reports, the real-world vehicle through which average citizens contribute eyewitness reports. CNN will equip Second Life denizens with kits enabling them to transmit copy and photos. Visitors to Second Life will be able to get the latest news via kiosks scattered throughout the virtual community. ” – Via Business Communicators of Second Life.
  • Alex Iskold: PR Tips For Startups: How To Get And Keep The Media Attention – “Here is the news, Press Releases are dead. We found them to be completely ineffective. To the point of zero leads. Zero. Instead, you need to prepare new kind of media. Remember that people are spoiled these days, so they will have high expectations. If you think you can show up and tell them that you got the best new technology, hand wave and then expect a write up, you are dreaming.
  • MSNBC: Now Boarding: New Preflight Procedures – “Alaska’s new system, which debuted in Anchorage in 2004, forgoes the counter for a cluster of free-standing podiums flanked by customer-accessible baggage belts. Passengers with boarding passes — printed at home or at kiosks located throughout the airport — can step up to any one of them, put their bags on the belt and have an agent print and affix their baggage tags.” – Via Display in hotel elevator.