Links for Monday, December 3, 2007

1 minute read

  • Rick Segal: Twitter and the Twits – “I think we need to update the list of things we tell our children. Instead of don’t run with the scissors, we should have early discussions about the send and post it buttons.
  • Desktop Factory: Breakthrough Low-cost 3D Printing – “With the introduction of the Desktop Factory 3D printer, priced disruptively lower than the nearest competitive offering, Desktop Factory becomes the leader in high performance low-cost 3D printing technologies.” – Via Eightbar.
  • John Scalzi: Your Creation Museum Report – “It’s one thing to say to people that God directly created the dinosaurs and that they lived in the Garden of Eden. It’s another thing to suggest they lived long enough to harass the Minoans, and do it with a straight face. It’s horseshit, pure and simple, but that’s not to suggest I can’t admire the hucksterism.
  • Marcelo Calbucci: Seattle Startup Index for December – “This month we have a very unusual event. Two of the top 10 startups are new to the list: SEOmoz and ActiveRain. In total we have 29 new companies bringing the list count to 228 startups.
  • Information Clearinghouse: I am Only A Child – “13 year old Severm Suzuki, plead for the future of her generation.