Plans for 2008

1 minute read

We are about to head out to dinner and I am sure that my well-intentioned wife will ask me about my New Year’s Resolutions before too long. Without subtlety she will imply that I need to lose some weight, exercise more, and so forth.

I am not going to make any resolutions. Instead, I am going to make plans, things that I can check myself against from time to time. Here’s what I am thinking:

  • Eat Healthier – I’m going to try to eat better quality food and food that is better for me, and I am going to try to savor every mouthful.
  • Exercise More – I am going to continue my weekly walks and bike rides and step up the pace a bit on both.
  • Narrow My Focus – I am going to revisit every information source (feeds, mailing lists, periodicals) and prune back by 20 or 30%.
  • Play More – Spend more time doing fun things with my wife and with my children.
  • Go Virtual – I am going to do more of my job on a virtual basis, traveling less if possible.
  • Blog More – Write one reasonably interesting blog post every week in addition to my daily link posts.
  • Be Financially Sound – Pay off a few small credit card bills, save more money, and spend a bit less.
  • Be a Good Host – We are going to do our best to have dinner guests at our house on a very regular basis in 2008.
  • Reinvent Myself – I plan to twist my job into something new in a way that I’ve yet to figure out.
  • Learn Something New – Learn a new programming language or system. Maybe take a college course in some interesting area.
  • Do something with or to Syndic8 – Figure out what Syndic8 should be next, and take it there or sell it to someone who has a better idea.

I think that should do it, 2008 is a short year!