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Links for Friday, January 4, 2008

  • Skype Journal: 5 Things for Bloggers to Do Before Dying – “Write a Blogger Last Will and Testament…
  • Robert Lawrence Kuhn: Why This Universe? – “We begin with traditional nontheistic explanations (traditionally, one recalls, there was only one universe), which also include a radically nontraditional explanation and the philosophical positions that the question makes no sense and that even if it did make sense it would still be unanswerable.
  • Wallhogs: Welcome to Wallhogs – “We specialize in large prints made from your photos or artwork. Simply upload a digital photo, hi-res or vector graphic and we’ll print it on reusable vinyl, glossy poster paper or fine art canvas.
  • Chel Pixie: Twitter, Second Life, Mitch Joel and Marketing – “In a SL store, fashion and needs are different. We dress glamorously because we can, we want more than just ordinary clothing. We want to stand out, find the next best thing, and the worst that could happen is we show up at a party and someone bought the exact same outfit as we did. (It does happen!)