Links for Monday, February 4, 2008

less than 1 minute read

  • LSL Editor – “LSL-Editor is a standalone LSL (Secondlife) script editor and run-time environment for Windows and compiles and executes LSL scripts. No SecondLife viewer is needed nor connection to the SecondLife grid.
  • MetaXLR8: Metaverse Platform Gambling 1 – “It is very clear that in the very near future one or another metaverse platform, or a combination of a few platforms, will take over the online world. A small consulting and development company does not have the resources to follow all existing and candidate platforms and can only bet on one or a very small set.
  • Reuters: OpenSim Worlds Lure Second Life’s Outcasts – “For Second Life’s banks, OpenSim grids provide a way to continue on in the field of virtual finance without the need to secure Linden’s approval.