Links for Saturday, February 9th, 2008

less than 1 minute read

  • TechThrob: Virtualization in Linux: A Review of Four Software Choices – “*This article compares four virtualization products available for Ubuntu Linux: the free, open source x86 emulator Qemu; the closed-but-free versions of VirtualBox and VMware-Server, and the commercial Parallels Workstation. *“
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day: Atlantis on Pad 39A – “An intricate network of lighting plays across the 130 foot high Rotating Service Structure (RSS) in this dramatic night view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on the Kennedy Space Center’s launch pad 39A.” – Breathtaking; be sure to click through to the high-res version!
  • Down The Avenue: Lost American-Made Men – “*We’re somewhere between definitions of what it means to be a man and it is very confusing. I think this is one of the causes of the sub-optimal politico/economic situation in which America finds itself. And I think this is one of the reasons for the burgeoning trend of lost young men in this country, with university admission rates in decline and dropouts soaring, depicted in all those movies about successful young women stuck with guys who are a mess. *“