Solaris Version of Second Life Viewer

1 minute read

A developer asked me to post some information about an alpha-level release of the Second Life viewer for the Solaris and OpenSolaris operating systems. The developer is “corporate” and has been asked to keep his Second Life activities separate from his official job duties. While I can’t vouch for the actual bits, I can say that this person does work for a Fortune 500 company (verified by round-trip email and by the way in which he was referred to me) and that his Second Life alter ego is named Clark Dastardly.

Here are the URLs:

And here’s what I was told:

  • The snv build supports GStreamer and streamed audio while the s10 build does not.
  • This viewer does not contain Voice support because Linden Labs does not supply a Vivox client for Solaris.
  • The snv version may give people problems if they run with OpenSolaris build 75 or earlier. If it does, they should install the s10 version instead.
  • To install a package, simply download the file to a local directory, change into that directory and do the following as superuser (root):

    bunzip2 SecondLife_i686_1_19_0_3-2008Feb25-snv.pkg.bz2
    pkgadd -d SecondLife_i686_1_19_0_3-2008Feb25-snv.pkg
  • The viewer is then run using:

  • These packages are made available as alpha.
  • I’ve run the snv version for hours without a single crash, burp, or hang so I’m confident they should run without issue.

I’m posting this only because I was approached for help in getting these loaded into Amazon S3 and because I am a big (6′ 1″, 240 lb) Second Life fan. I can’t help you in any way with these bits.