Second Life Job Fair – Positions in Europe

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On Thursday, May 29th, I will be participating in the Working Worlds Virtual Job Fair. I will be on hand to meet attendees, answer questions, and to assist several recruiting managers throughout the day. We are still loading our jobs into the system, but it looks like we will be recruiting for development and program management positions in the UK, Luxembourg, and France.

This is not the first time we’ve participated in this fair. The first event was quite successful. We met a number of good candidates and actually ended up making several hires. In fact, one of them, Simone Brunozzi, is now a member of my team. Simone took the time to write up his hiring story; you can read first-hand how it all worked out for him. This story was also picked up by New World Notes.

Despite what are (to me) the obvious benefits of conducting the first steps of the recruiting process in a virtual environment, there’s still plenty of skepticism out there.

It takes a lot of time and money to hire great people. With travel growing more expensive and less politically correct by the day, there’s plenty of room to make the process more efficient and more cost-effective. The people who show up at a virtual job fair are going to be interested in and comfortable with the newest forms of technology. They are going to be sufficiently self-motivated to get signed up for Second Life, get it installed and running, and to personalize their avatar.

If you are interested in attending the fair, you will need to register in advance.

I spent some time in-world yesterday with our recruiting team. Here are a few screen shots:

I’ll be at the fair for a good part of the day. Look for me in my spiffy shirt, and say hello if you stop by.