Links for Friday, June 20, 2008

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  • David Hornik: Know Your Competition – “How do you know a great entrepreneur when you meet one? Great entrepreneurs would do a better job running the competition than their competitors are doing. They can tell you not only the ways in which their strategy is better than their competitors’, but also the ways in which their competitors have created the very opportunity that they are exploiting.
  • Tom Raftery: Introducing the Negawatt – “What then is a NegaWatt? A NegaWatt, is a MegaWatt of electricity that you don’t use! Huh?
  • Hank Williams: Memo To The Semantic Web: Drop “Semantic” And Become The “Graph Web” – “It turns out that thinking in terms of graphs is far easier than thinking in terms of tables and relations. The semantic web community is so busy trying to sell a utopian vision of data access that they are burying the lead, which, for a typical developer, is in large part, about ease of development and time to market.
  • Vollee – “Welcome to the Vollee beta. You can now access Second Life whenever & wherever you want to.