Helpful Firefox Extension: Split Browser

less than 1 minute read

Last week I was trying to write a complex post for the AWS blog. I was referring to a number of other blog posts and pages and spent way too much time flipping back and forth between tabs.

On a whim I searched for “Firefox split browser” and found Hiroshi Shimoda’s Split Browser Extension. Using this extension I can see more than one page at a time, making it easier for me to write and reducing the cognitive load on my aging brain.

There are a number of helpful context and dropdown menu options to split the existing screen to the top, left, right, or bottom. Once split, the new area can have its own set of tabs. Tabs can be turned in to split screens, and vice versa.

My new link blogging methodology works as follows. First I open up tabs for the items in the post as part of my morning reading. Then I open up WordPress in a split area, and link-blog away. There’s some kind of weird focus-stealing going on when WordPress auto-saves, but I’ll figure out a way around that. Here’s what it looks like: