Around The House…

1 minute read

My wife and a couple of the kids are in Peru this week for a short visit with her father. They spent a couple of days in Lima and are heading to Cusco today. Her dad lives in a city called

Lamay, about an hour outside of Cusco. Here’s a picture of Machu Picchu from a trip that we took in 2001:

I’m taking most of the week off of work, taking care of 101 little things around the house — car maintenance, yard work, and so forth.

I’m also working to move some of my web sites over to a couple of Amazon EC2 instances. In fact, this very blog is now hosted on EC2.

I spent a couple of hours (on and off) loading up a bunch of Yum packages, editing configuration files, and browsing through logs in order to get WordPress up and running. In the past I

have always configured and compiled Apache, MySQL and the other big parts myself. This time I simply installed packages. It was much easier, once I figured out where to find everything.

I spent more time than I should have trying to move my blog to the new machine. I dutifully dumped the database and created a tar file of the uploads directory, and then imported those by

hand, only to find that some of the entries were messed up due to a character encoding issue. It turned out that the Import and Export features worked just fine. In fact, the import operation even copied the images from the old site to the new.