Links for Sunday, August 3, 2008

1 minute read

  • Virtual White: A Bridge Between Second Life and Opensim Grids – “Today is a historic day indeed the opening of a public bridge between the Second Life Preview Grid and the Opensim Grids who choose to participate.
  • Nancy Duarte: Tips for Remote Presenters – “High stakes communication is handled best with everyone in the same room. But we all know with gas prices going up, and spending going down, it’s likely that your critical proposal will end up being communicated via an online presentation. So how do you make the most of it and connect with your audience?” – Via Sara Peyton.
  • Charles Hugh Smith: An Empire of Debt – “*Right now, Bernanke and Paulson and Congress and the rest of the power elite have the shock paddles frantically pressed to the chest of the American financial system, hitting the erratic heart of our Debt Empire with shock after shock, hoping and praying the debt bubble of the past 25 years can somehow be extended. *“
  • Kippie Friedkin: Second Life Viewer Cheatsheet – “My gift to you, fellow Second Life® Residents, is version 1.0 of my new project, a Second Life® Viewer Cheatsheet. It contains all the keyboard shortcuts of which I am currently aware.