Links for Thursday, August 21, 2008

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  • Babbage Linden: Mono Launch – “The integration of Mono is the first step in the evolution of Second Life into a true software development platform. Thank you to all the residents who have helped us take this first step.
  • Miguel de Icaza: SecondLife Rolls Out Mono-Powered Servers – “*This are clearly hugenormous news for us, and for everyone that worked with Linden, for everyone that fixed bugs and implemented new features in Mono to run under the conditions that Linden has. *“
  • Common Sensible: Second Life: True Development Platform? – “I have said before that 99% of all Second Life residents haven’t the faintest idea of the technical power of Second life. Rendering a 3D image thirty times a second, when a few years ago a single frame would have taken hours if not days. And now, not only a 3d virtual world, but soon a true development platform.
  • Wagner James Au: An Introduction To OpenSim: the “Apache of Virtual Worlds” – “Right now, it’s only possible to move avatars between SL and OpenSim; the far greater challenge is trust management– creating a workable, agreed-upon system for moving virtual objects, currency, and other valuable items in between worlds.