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Links for Tuesday, October 14, 2008

  • BBC News: Your Credit Crunch Jokes – “BBC News website readers have been sending us their own humorous views about the credit crunch.
  • Digital Urban: Cellular Automaton and Agents in Second Life: Game of Life, Segregation and Evacuation Simulation – “These are perhaps early steps but the ability to integrate human controlled avatars into models of building/environment evacuation, via environments such as Second Life, presents an intriguing step forward. Indeed, one that has the potential to lead to a more comprehensive understanding of evacuation behavior and ultimately of course better architectural design.” – Via Econ Steve.
  • UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis: Agent Street: Agent Based Modelling in Second Life – “We describe the inner workings of the models along with providing the Linden Script code listings so that readers can recreate the models themselves. Movies on each page show the models running and demonstrate Second Life’s potential for outreach and communication of agent-based models.
  • Jin Kunstler: The Nausea Express – “We’re on our way to becoming another nation, whether we like it or not. No amount of numerological augury or even hand-wringing will change that. The big question for, say, the 24 months ahead is: how disorderly will we allow this transition to be?