Links for Thursday, October 30, 2008

1 minute read

  • Merrill Lynch US Economics: The Frugal Future – “Mean Reverting This Chart Points To A 30% Decline In Home Prices.
  • Desktop Factory: Our Product – “The Desktop Factory 3D printer has a build speed comparable to existing 3D printing technologies, and produces robust parts that are strong enough to be thrown across a conference room table!
  • Don Knuth: Financial Fiasco – “*Due to an unfixable security flaw in the way funds are now transferred electronically, worldwide, it is no longer safe to write personal checks. A criminal who sees the numbers that are printed at the bottom of any check that you write can use that information to withdraw all the money from your account. *“
  • Phil Windley: I’m Voting for The Conservative Candidate — If I Can Find Him – “Technology isn’t just a way to send letters without a stamp. Technology underpins the modern world in the same way that economics does and anyone who does not understand it is bound to make poor policy decisions.
  • Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories: Scariest Jack-o’-Lantern of 2008 – “Jack-o’-Lanterns are supposed to be scary, right? So here is our new one: it’s a mini pumpkin with a (tiny) scrolling LED stock ticker. Reprogrammable so you can update it every day with gloomy news from Wall Street.” – I must build one of these sometime!