Links for Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1 minute read

  • Geekpreneur: Managing Your Career With Mind Maps – “If you find yourself in the state of mind of not knowing what to do long-term, consider using a mind map for career planning. Whether you’re a freelancer trying to supplement your income with online and/or offline gigs, or you’re transitioning between careers, you can apply the method discussed below.
  • Transhumanists: Virtual Going Out is the New Going Out – “It seems that in these times of economic decline, people don’t want to forgo the luxuries that they’ve grown accustomed to over the years, so are choosing to indulge themselves in a virtual manner instead. There’s certainly a lot to be said for staying home surrounded by cheap entertainment compared with going out and being ripped off and mugged. Could this be the future?
  • Webappers: The Best Cheat Sheets for Web Developers – “e have collated a set of best cheat sheets for web developers. It includes some of the popular programming language, e.g. jQuery, Mootools, Prototype, PHP, MySQL and etc…
  • Economix: Losing Is Tough; Selling May Be Tougher – “One of the world’s greatest opportunities for schadenfreude is about to present itself, as an exiting army of Republican foot soldiers tries to sell its Washington-area homes in the worst housing bust since the Great Depression.
  • Karl Denninger: Boiled Down: Credit Bubble – “Do these three things, prices immediately contract to affordable levels on all things bought with credit, leverage is reduced to affordable levels and debt taken on can be repaid.