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Links for Tuesday, November 25, 2008

  • Credit Loan Blog: America’s Debt to Income Ratio as Compared with Other Countries – “If you were to boil down what each person in this country contributed to the nation’s income vs. debt ratio, the results would be startling. We would have to take into consideration the nation’s population to better understand this. And some may be surprised to see that the US does not fare quite as bad as imagined, comparatively.
  • Csaba Csere: After Three Decades of Decline, Is This the End for Detroit Automakers? – “Since 2005, Ford has lost $21 billion. GM has made a staggering $74 billion disappear. And Chrysler is bleeding $2 billion to $3 billion per year, though we don’t know exactly how much because, as a privately held company, it is no longer required to release financial information.
  • Washington Post: Fed’s Role in Crisis Is Giant, if Opaque – “A year ago, the central bank had assets of $868 billion, of which about 90 percent was in Treasuries. Last week, it had assets of $2.2 trillion on its books, of which 22 percent was in Treasuries. Much of the remainder represents the new lending to banks and other financial institutions.
  • Smashing Magazine: 15 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts – “In this selection we’re glad to present you Aller Sans, Mayberry Pro SemiBold, Quicksand, Agrafa Hairline, Sketch Rockwell, Megalopolis Extra and a couple of other high-quality free fonts.
  • Ira Flatow: Cancel The Big Partying; Get To Work – “If President-elect Obama wants to make an eye opening statement about just how bad our financial situation is let him cancel all the fancy inaugural partying and spend the money getting Americans back to work building the green economy he says he wants. This way, he would hit the ground running on day-one in office and show millions of Americans who have lost their homes, their jobs and their life savings that he feels their pain.