Links for Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1 minute read

  • Oleg Burlaca: Graph Visualization for Apache Log Files – “I described just one scenario of how graph visualization can be used in apache log analysis. The intention was to create an overview report and see the whole picture, but the log file can be filtered to create some biased graphs.
  • Steve Reynolds: WordPress Plugins: Implementing jQuery Tutorial – “This tutorial will guide you through the steps on including the jQuery library within your plugin so that you can use all the goodness jQuery can bring, setting up your own javascript file, as well as an important tip at the end!
  • aiSee – Graph Visualization – “When working with any kind of complex relational data, visualization provides for much better and faster understanding. Back in 1991, aiSee was developed to visualize the internal data structures typically found in compilers.
  • David Henderson: Media Savvy in the Internet Era – “There is little room for the status quo or traditional tactics as business and organizations strive for authentic leadership in these challenging times, and beyond. More than ever before, companies will rely on the media—mainstream and the fast-evolving online New Media of Web 2.0—as they seek to build brand awareness, leadership positioning, new opportunities to engage in trust-building conversations with customers and stakeholders, and, ultimately, better financial performance, sales and results.