Strange Loop – Hear the AWS Buzz Via The Cloud Droplets Podcast

1 minute read

I am trying to create a strange loop here!

For the last couple of years I have been collecting articles about the Amazon Web Services and bookmarking them on the AWS Buzz feed on Delicious.

As I’ve noted in the past, I devour podcasts, listening to them in my car and when I walk. A week or two ago I was listening to the Cloud Droplets podcast by John M. Willis and was happy to hear John mention that he uses the AWS Buzz as one of his information sources. John takes the raw links that I post and adds a lot of good color around them.

This morning I was walking to the Bear Creek Park and Ride and a devious thought struck me. What if I bookmarked an article about John’s use of the Buzz and he then talks about it on the podcast? Would the entire universe collapse in on itself as a result? I doubt it, but its worth a shot!

Anyway, John, I really enjoy your podcast and actually look forward to having time alone when I walk so that I can listen to yet another one. It is always good to know who’s on the other end of an information product, especially one like a Delicious list which has no statistics or feedback mechanisms.