Links for Monday, March 1, 2009

1 minute read

  • Robert Trigaux: How the Economic Crash May Reshape Us – “Worldwide, people are crowding into a discrete number of mega-regions, systems of multiple cities and their surrounding suburban rings where the greatest new ideas and productivity are concentrated. In America, for example, those regions include the Boston-New York-Washington corridor, the Charlotte-Atlanta corridor, the Portland-Seattle-Vancouver corridor and — in our case — the Tampa-Orlando-Miami area.
  • Hottnez: The Mysterious Gigantic Megaliths of Baalbeck Temples – “What holds the center of mystery about these stone structures are the massive megalithic platform upon which the Roman temples sit. You could identify three such stone blocks that could weigh something close to 350 tons (1,000,000 lbs). It is a mystery how these blocks were extracted, shaped and carried over miles and lifted to the height of 22 feet to rest atop smaller blocks.
  • Jiri Mruzek: Jupiter’s Temple, Baalbek, Lebanon – “The sad truth is that regarding the Trilithon, some scholars have mental blocks its own size. Admissions that blocks weighing over a 1000 metric tons were quarried and transported in prehistoric times would invite uncomfortable questions on what technology had made it all possible.
  • CyberTech News: Transfer your SL Avatar appearance to Opensim – “Bringing your avatar to OSGrid is clearly a non-zero effort. Using realXtend appearance import/export, the work is made significantly easier.
  • Create your own Version of Microsoft BASIC for 6502 – “This article also presents a set of assembly source files that can be made to compile into a byte exact copy of seven different versions of Microsoft BASIC, and lets you even create your own version.
  • LGDB: Linux Games Database – “This is a Linux Game Database, primarily for native Linux games that are beyond the planing stage and have released more than tech demos ether as source code or binary files.
  • Essential Cane: All Natural Flavored Cane Sugar – “* Flavor is fun. Essential Cane™ is obsessed with it. Flavored sugars are incredible; why not use the best ingredients to create them? Why stop with the standard flavors? Our all natural flavors are fused, blended, smoked with organic cane sugar. *“