Links for Friday, March 6, 2009

1 minute read

  • Sim On Demand – “* Sim-OnDemand Personal Virtual World Server – is a ready-to-use pre-configured packaging of OpenSim deployed on Amazon’s robust infrastructure. Sim-OnDemand comes with a GUI based launcher that makes it easy for anyone to click-launch their own virtual world.*“
  • Studio Steel: Custom Metal and Glass – “*Professional welding teacher Mimi Riley teaches ornamental welding classes in her working Seattle studio. Classes focus on safety, welder operation, fabrication and bending techniques, most of all……….fun. *“
  • JustinCC: Reflections on Writing an OpenSim Region Module – “I’m going to describe some of the basic process I went through, and then talk about what I found good, bad and ugly. In other words, I’m telling you what I think about eating our own dogfood.
  • Second Life Blog: Ernst & Young’s Cookie Factory for Auditors – “Ernst & Young, a global consulting and accounting company in more than 140 countries with over $24B US in revenue, has conducted an experimental training exercise in Second Life for young auditors. Their first assignment is to conduct a physical inventory of a cookie factory. Do the cookies baking in the oven count? What about the bags of wet and damaged flour in the storeroom?
  • Virtual Worlds News: 160-Person Second Life Event A Success For Trade Promotion Management Associates – “The event was free to attendees and exhibitors. Combined with the lack of hotel costs, flights, and other expenses, Gronstedt says it was easily a savings of over $200,000. There’s also a significant savings in time.